MediaGate for C++

MediaGate is a reference implementation of UPnP™ * AV Media Server. It is builded using CyberLinkForCC that is a development package for UPnP ™applications, and distributed a sample application of the mUPnP for C++.


MediaGate supports local file system and some PVR projects such as MythTV to distribute as the object items of the content directory service, and release a sample inplementation of UPnP ™ MediaServer client uisng VideoLAN client.


The following dialog images lists recorded movies on some UPnP™ AV media servers such as Sony’s Cocoon using the VideoLAN extention on Windows and Linux platform.



* UPnP ™ is a certification mark of the UPnP™ Implementers Corporation.

309 thoughts on “MediaGate for C++

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