Nokia 770 Internet Tablet

Nokia released the UPnP/AV Control point, Media Streamer, for Nokia 770.
The control point is created based on mUPnP for C with their patches.


I installed the control point in my home, I searched UPnP/AV media
servers. I could not find Sony’s Cocoon today, but I am very surprised
that it is has the very good and simple graphical user interface.

You can install it using your Application manager. Here are the

  1. Make sure you have the latest firmware in your 770, i.e. OS2006 edition.
    If not, upgrade your 770 SW. You can download it e.g. from If you prefer linux environment, get the flashing tool from
  2. Make sure your 770 is connected to the Internet
  3. Open Application Manager in your 770 (with OS2006 edition)
  4. Add the maemo application catalogue to your list of catalogues:
    • menu -> Tools -> Application catalogue
    • Create new catalogue with following parameters:
    • URL:
    • Distribution: mistral
    • Components: free non-free
  5. Refresh the package list (Tools -> Refresh package list)
  6. Select “Install new applications” from Application manager main view.
  7. Select category “All” and you should see “mediastreamer” package. Install it and you are ready.

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