iRepoEditor is a documentation viewer and editor for repositories such as subversion and DropBox. Using the application, you can checkout any documentations from the repository servers, check and edit the downloaded documentations very quickly because the documentations are saved in your iPhone locally.


iRepoEditor iRepoEditor
iRepoEditor iRepoEditor
iRepoEditor iRepoEditor

Supported Networking Protocols

iRepoEditor supports the following networking protocols for repository services.

Repository Networking Protocols
Subversion svn, http, https
DropBox Dropbox Mobile API

Supported Repository Operations


Operation Directory (Overall) 1) File or Directory 2)
checkout O X
update O O
commit O O
add O X
mkdir O X
revert O O
remove X O
move X O
copy X O
cleanup O X
resolved O O
log X O
status X O
  • 1) To do the operations to the current directory, use the action or the special button in the bottom toolbar.
  • 2) To do the operations only to a file or directory, push and hold the table row for a while.


  • metadata
  • load
  • upload

Supported File Formats

iRepoEditor has three type document views as the following.

Text Editor Binary Reader iCalendar (to-do) Editor
iRepoEditor iRepoEditor iRepoEditor

Text Editor

The text editor supports to view and edit the specified text files. To detect a specified file as text format, please check Settings section.

Binary Reader

The binary editor supports the following format. To detect a specified file as binary format, please check Settings section.

  • iWork documents
  • Microsoft Office documents (Office97 and newer)
  • Rich Text Format (RTF) documents
  • PDF files
  • Images
  • Text files
  • Comma-separated value (csv) files

iCalendar Editor

The iCalendar editor has all functions of ICalToDo which is a standalone application to management your to-do list locally, the the function is enabled if the specified file is iCalendar format or the file extention is ‘ical’.

Sytax Coloring

Supported Files

iRepoEditor supports syntax coloring in the following file types. Please tell me if you want to add your file types.

Type Sample File Extentions
Programming Language C h, c
C++ h, cc, cpp, cxx
Objective-C h, m
Objective-C++ h, mm
Java java
Java Script js
PHP php
Python py
Ruby ruby, rb
Lua lua
Typesetting Tex tex

Syntax File Format

To support the syntax coloring, iRepoEditor has the syntax files as the local resource using YAML format. The followings are the syntax and the sample for Lua. It would be helpful if you could send the syntax file directly when if you want to add other syntax formats 🙂

name : <syntax name>
version : <version number>
extentions :
  - <extention name>
comments :
  - <ICU regular expression>
keysords :
  - <ICU regular expression> </verbatim> | <verbatim>name: Lua
version: 1.0
  - lua
  - --[[.*]]
  - (--.*)$
  - (?:^|[t ]+)(and|break|do|else|elseif|end|false|for|function|if|in|local|nil|not|or|repeat|return|then|true|until|while)(?:[t ]+|$)</verbatim> |

Working with Other Applications

To send a repository file into other installed application from iRepoEditor, use the action button in the navigation bar when the file is opened in the viewer.

iRepoEditor supports to handle the opening of files from other installed applications too. The specified file using “Open In ….” menu on the other applications is saved in the “Inbox” directory of iRepoEditor, then select the file in the “Inbox” directory to move the file into other repository directory 🙂


Category Option Detail Default
Subversion Autofill Account Off
Autocomplete Account Off
Auto Cleanup Off
Text Editor Font Type Helvica
Font Size 14
Syntax Coloring On
Auto Detection On
Enable Text Extentions Off
Text Extentions
Enable Binary Extentions Off
Binary Extentions
Mail Default To Address
Default Subject

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