Henkan Bancho + ACB-93

Henkan Bancho + ACB-93

I bought Henkan Bancho which is a SCSI and SACI emulator for Compact Flash from Classic PC Rescue Committee to refresh my old Japanese computers which has SxSI interfaces such as X68000, FM-TOWNS and PC-9801.

Before the installation, I bought some following parts in Marutu pars to protect the emulator board.


Parts Qty Spec
Sunhayato ACB-93 1 ICB-93S (72×95mm 2.0t)
Spacer 4 M2.6 10mm
Screw 8 M2.6 5mm
2pin Header 1 2.54mm pitch

I made new two holes in a ACB-93 for the spacer, fixed the acrylic panel into Henkan Bancho as the following. I will refresh the my old computers using Henkan Bancho 🙂