uEcho for C + Panasonic WTY5401W

uEcho for C + Panasonic WTY5401W

I am developing a new open source framework for ECHONETLite as uEcho for C from two week ago. I am developing the framework with some ECHONETLite devices in my home such as Panasonic WTY5401W. I could search the devices and control it last week.


Using the framework, I build some utility examples. uechosearch searches ECHONETLite devices in the local area network, and prints the found objects with the ip address.

$ uechosearch
192.168.xxx.aaa 0EF001 --> (Node Profile Object)
192.168.xxx.aaa 05FF01 --> (Controller Object)
192.168.xxx.bb 0EF001  --> (Node Profile Object)
192.168.xxx.bb 0F2001  --> (User definition Class)
192.168.xxx.bb 029101  --> (Mono Functional Lighting)

uechopost can send any request message of ECHONETLite, and prints the response message. The following commands get the standard information of WTY5401W, control the power status.

$ uechopost
Usage : echopost <address> <obj> <esv> <property (epc, pdc, edt) ...>

$ uechopost 192.168.xxx.bb 029101 62 8A00 --> READ REQ : Manufacturer code (=0x8A)
192.168.xxx.bb 029101 72 8A0300000B       --> READ RES : Panasonic (=0x00000B)

$ uechopost 192.168.xxx.bb 029101 62 8200 --> READ REQ : Standard Version (=0x82)
192.168.xxx.bb 029101 72 820400004600     --> READ RES : Appenddix F (=0x46)

$ uechopost 192.168.xxx.bb 029101 62 8000  --> READ REQ : Operation status (=0x80)
192.168.xxx.bb 029101 72 800131            --> READ RES : OFF (=0x31)

$ uechopost 192.168.xxx.bb 029101 61 800130 --> WRITE REQ : Operation status ON (=0x30)
192.168.xxx.bb 029101 71 8000               --> WRITE RES : (No Data)

$uechopost 192.168.xxx.bb 029101 62 8000  --> READ REQ : Operation status (=0x80)
192.168.xxx.bb 029101 72 800131           --> READ RES : ON (=0x30)

I am developing and testing the device functions to build original ECHONETLite devices. I will release the framework as soon as possible 🙂

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