uEcho for Go 1.0 Released

uEcho for Go 1.0 Released

I have released a new open source framework, uEcho for Go, for IoT and Go developers today. The uEcho supports a standard IoT protocol ECHONET Lite.

ECHONET Lite is an open standard specification for IoT devices in Japan, it specifies more than 100 IoT devices such as crime prevention sensor, air conditioner, and refrigerator. The uEcho supports to control devices ECHONET Lite and create the standard devices of the specification easily.

ECHONET Lite is a very lightweight and fast protocol because the communication protocol is a simple binary specification. For example, UPnP is a heavy IoT standard protocol which is based on SSDP and SoAP protocols over TCP and UDP, but ECHONET Lite is based on the simple binary message protocols only over UDP.

I wrote the framework to control IoT devices of ECHONET Lite using Go in my home more easily. In addition to the purpose, I expect that this framework will be used in the cloud network as a lightweight Zeroconf protocol.

In order to use ECHONET Lite Lite in cloud computing and container environments, uEcho for Go supports optional specifications of ECHONET Lite such as TCP and unique functions.

Please check the project page or the github page to know the framework in more detail.