My Cars

Mitsubishi DELICA D:5




Item Specification
Manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors
Model Delica D:5 2009 Chamonix 4WD
Carrier Mitsubishi Heavy Duty Carrier
Hitch Member* SUNTRES TUGMASTER Limited II

Hitch Member Power Plate

I attached a hitch member into Delica D:5 to use hitch carriers such as bike carriers. However, I had to design and order the following stainless plate to change the power socket to EU type for Thule carriers because the hitch member, SUNTREX TUGMASTER, supports only a US type power socket as default.



Hitch Carrier for Thule Lightboard 976

To carry big boxes for camping and fishing, I ordered the following custom hitch carrier from Nishinihon Kouki Seisakusyo. Because I had a light board, Thule Lightboard 976 for Thule Xpress 970, I designed the hitch carrier to be able to connect the light board easily.



Thule EuroClassic G6 LED 929

I imported the cycle carrier from England on a personal basis. To use the cycle carrier in Japan, I have to modify the wire connection and change the light bulb. I changed the back fog light into a normal back light because the back fog light is not necessary under Japanese law.



MADLYS Bed Kit + Mitsubishi Luggage Rail Bar + Snowpeak Slide Top Half Bamboo

I attached MADLYS Bed Kit for sleep in the car. I attached the luggage rail bar to prevent the baggages from collapsing too, then I found that I can attach some IGT parts of Snowpeak such as the slide top half bamboo into the luggage rail bar as the following 🙂


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