Raspberry Pi 2 Model B (2015)

Building Compact Cluster With Raspberry Pi 2 in Home

I bought some boards of Raspberry Pi 2 Model B to build the cluster in my home. According to some preceded papers[1][2][3], the performance is about ten percent of the general x86 server clusters.


In order to obtain the same effect as data center, I fixed the two units which are consist of the four boards in a container box, NF BOX #7. Then, I installed a fan into the box to cool the entire boards. I used San Ace 40 as the fan, it was powerful but a little noisy 🙁


I bought two Anker PowerPort 10 as the power unit, and I could boot the 8 boards using the power unit with no problem. I replaced the original power cables for more short cables to put the power units into the top box as the following.


List of Parts

Product Number
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B 16
M2.6 Spacer 20mm 64 (= 16 x 4)
M2.6 Spacer 10mm 16 (= 4 x 4)
TOSHIBA microSDHC UHS-I CARD 32GB (Class10 40MB/s) 16
ELECOM MPA-AMBS2U12BK (microUSB Cable 1.2m) 16
Astage, NF BOX #7 3
SANYO DENKI, San Ace 40 (109P0405H701) + TK-PWFAN1 3
Anker PowerPort 10 + KB-DM2L 2
Panasonic WCH2314H 1
ELECOM LD-CTT/BU05 (Cat5E Cable 50cm) 16


I use Fabric to run same commands on all node in the cluster. For example, the shutdown command halts all nodes in the cluster as the following.

fab -u pi -H `paste -s -d , raspi_hosts` -P shutdown