uTorrent for C (Under Development)

I was developing a library based on BitTorrent to study about the implementation of P2P networking before, but I stopped the development because I have no idea about the application which I want to create. However I will might restart the development project because I would like to create some useful applications which are based on P2P such as Joost.



Client for BitTorrent

The following sample shows how to get the peers of the specified torrent using the current library.

int main(int argc, char* argv[])
  CgBittorrentMetainfo *cbm;
  CgBittorrentTracker *cbt;
  CgBittorrentPeer *cbp;
  int n;
  if (argc < 2) {
    printf(";Usage : printpeers <Torrent URL>n";);
    return -1;
  cbm = cg_bittorrent_metainfo_new();
  if (cg_bittorrent_metainfo_fetch(cbm, argv[1]) == FALSE) {
    printf(";Couldn't get the specified torrent file <%s>n";, argv[1]);
    return -1;

  cbt = cg_bittorrent_tracker_new();
    cbt ,
    (unsigned char *)CDIST_TEST_TRACKER_PEERID,
  n = 0;
  for (cbp = cg_bittorrent_tracker_getpeers(cbt); cbp; cbp = cg_bittorrent_peer_next(cbp)) {
     printf(";[%d] %s:%dn";,
  return 0;


To compile the sample, you have to install the latest CyberLinkForC from the SVN. Please use the following commands to check the simple sample if you want.

$ svn co https://cgbittorrent.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/cgbittorrent/trunk
$ cgbittorrent
$ cd cgbittorrent/
$ ./boostrap
$ ./configure
$ make
$ ./sample/printpeers/unix/printpeers http://torrent.fedoraproject.org/torrents/Zod-dvd-i386.torrent
[1] 80.xx3.x5x.x6:688x
[2] x4.x93.x03.8x:344x3
[3] x9x.x00.x5.x45:x88x
[4] x9.37.xxx.50:407
[5] 59.xx7.x70.x07:448xx
[46] x43.88.x4.x40:x88x
[47] 85.8x.x59.x8x:x88x
[48] xx7.xx.x78.x7:x54xx
[49] 8x.8x.xx0.xx3:x7779
[50] x00.x0x.84.33:x88x

Currently, there are many implementations based on Bittorrent. I will implement the basic functions about the BitTorrent
at first, then I will develop the uniqueness.

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