uWidget for C

Applicast is Sony’s embedded widget engine for television, and all televisions of Sony supports the widget engine in Japan.


The widget engine specification is public and based on the original XML style format and JavaScript, I was developing the compatible prototype widget engine to know how to implement widget engine framework. I developed the prototype widget engine with the following open source frameworks.

  • Rendering Engine : OpenGL
  • JavaScrpit Engine : SpiderMonkey
  • XML Parser : libxml2

I have implemented some basic properties and functions of Applicast as the following.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <Component name="widget">
        <Bitmap name="initial-bg"/>
        <Bitmap name="active-bg"/>
        <Text name="mode" x="-100" y="0"  rgba="000000ff" str="Current Mode"/>
        <Text name="func" x="-100" y="30" rgba="000000ff" str="Function Name"/>

I stopped the development some years ago. Please check the source code in the following repository if you have any interesting to implement widget engine framework 🙂

305 thoughts on “uWidget for C

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