mUPnP for C++


mUPnP for C++ is a development package for UPnP™ developers. mUPnP
controls these protocols automatically, and supports to create your
devices and control points quickly.

UPnP™ * architecture is an open network to enable discovery and control
of networked devices and services, such as media servers and players at

UPnP™ * protocols are based on many standard, such as GENA, SSDP, SOAP,
HTTPU and HTTP. Therefore you have to understand and implement these
protocols to create your devices of UPnP™.


* UPnP ™ is a certification mark of the UPnP™ Implementers Corporation.


The project is hosted on the following site. To use the mUPnP after
v2.0, you have to install HttpEngineForCC which is a HTTP server
framework too.