BeeBox for Java


This package is a development package for Java to use BeeBox on Java platforms. Please chceck the download site on to get the package and the samples.



To use the package, you have to install latest Java Communications API. You can get the packages from Sun’s Java site.

Class Overview

BeeBox Class

public class BeeBox {
  public BeeBox(int device);
  public float getX();
  public float getY();
  public float getLever();
  public void getSwitches();

BeeBox(int device)

This constructor creates an instance that is used to communicate with a BeeBox device. Specify a number of the serial port into the device argument. You can use the platform independent defines BeeBox.SERIAL1 or BeeBox.SERIAL2.

float getX()

This method returns a current horizontal position of the stick.

float getY()

This method returns a current verticality position of the stick.

float getLever()

This method returns a current position of the lever.

int getSwitches()

This method retruns a current switch infomation. Use the following constants are defined in the class to determine whether the buttons are currently pressd.

BeeBox.SWITCH1 0x0001
BeeBox.SWITCH2 0x0002
BeeBox.SWITCH7 0x0004
BeeBox.SWITCH8 0x0008

For example, If you want to know whether the switch1 is currently pressed ….

BeeBox bee = new BeeBox( .... );
int switch = joy.getSwitches();
if ((switch & BeeBox.SWITCH1) != 0)


Input Device Driver for Java3D

This is a simple input device driver for Java3D using the BeeBox driver, and you can walk in the world using BeeBox.


Moving the stick forward or backward moves forward or backward along Z axis. Moving the stick right or left yaws around Y axis. Moving the lever up or down moves up or down along Y axis. When the switch7 and the switch8 are pressed, the position is reseted.


Revision Date Note
1.0 1999/05/20 The first release.


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