CyberGlove for C++


This package is a simple development library for C++ to use CyberGlove
on IRIX and WIN32 platforms. . Please chceck the download
on to get the package and the samples.



To use the package, you have to make a library from following four
source files at first.

  • cyberglove.h
  • cyberglove.cpp
  • serial.h
  • serial.cpp

Use the following compiler flags to create the library.

WIN32 Support for Windows9x//NT platform.
SGI Support for IRIX

Class Overview

CyberGlove Class

class CCyberGlove : public CSerial
    CCyberGlove(char *device, int speed);
    int GetNSensors(void)
    void UpdateData();
    int GetData(int i);

CCyberGlove(char *device, int speed)

  • device : Specifies a string of the serial port. You can use the platform independent defines SERIAL1 or SERIAL2 that are defined in “serial.h”
  • speed : Specifies the baud rate that is a communication speed with a Polhemuse device.

The constructor an instance that is used to communicate with a CyberGlove device.

int GetNSensors(void)

The method returns a number of sensors that the CyberGlove has.

void UpdataData(void)

The method gets new sensor records of the CyberGolove.

int GetData(int sensorNumber)

The method returns a raw data of the specified sensor. The valid range of the sensorNumber is from 0 to the value returned by GetNSensors() minus 1.


Revision Date Note
1.0 1999/05/14 The first release.


This library is provided “AS IS”. Licenser disclaims all warranties,
including but not limited to, all express or implied warranties of
merchant ability and fitness for a particular purpose. Everyone can use
the library for commerce or personal purposes free.