Polhemus for Java


This package is a development package for Java to use tracking devices of Polhemus and Intersense on Java platforms. Currently, the following devices are supported.

Company Product Image
Polhemus Fastrak / Isotrak2 Fastrak
Intersense IS300 (Maybe you can run IS600 using the IS300 driver) IS300

Please chceck the download site on SourceForge.net to get the package and the samples.


To use the package, you have to install latest Java Communications API. You can get the packages from Sun’s Java site.

Class Overview

Polhemus Class

Polhemus class is a super class of Fastrak, Isotrak2 and IS300 class.
Use the following methods to get the position data and the orientation
data etc.

public class Polhemus {
  public Polhemus(int device, int speed);
  public int getActiveReceivers();
  public void getPosition(int nReciver, float pos[3]);
  public void getOrientation(int nReciver, float euler[3]);
Polhemus(int device, int speed)
  • device : Specifies a number of the serial port. You can use the platform independent defines Fastrak.SERIAL1 or Fastrak.SERIAL2.
  • speed : Specifies the baud rate that is a communication speed with a Polhemuse device.

The constructor creates an instance that is used to communicate with a
Polhemus device The constructor is called by a constructor of Fastrak,
Isotrak2 and IS300 class.

int getActiveReceivers(void)

The method returns a number of active receivers.

void getPosition(int nReciver, float pos[3])

The method retrieves a current position of a specified active receiver. The valid range of the nReciver is from 1 to the value returned by getActiveNRecivers()

void getOrientation(int nReciver, float euler[3])

The method retrieves current euler angles of a specified active receiver. The valid range of the nReciver is from 1 to the value returned by getActiveNRecivers()

3.2 Fastrak / Isotrak2 / IS300 Class

Fastrak, Isotrak2 and IS300 class are sub class of Polhemus class. I show only the coustructors of the sub classes bellow. The arguments are same as Polhemus class.

public class Fastrak extends Polhemus {
  public Fastrak(int device, int speed);

public class Isotrak2 extends Polhemus {
  public Isotrak2(int device, int speed);

public class IS300 extends Polhemus {
  public IS300(int device, int speed);


Revision Date Note
1.0 1999/05/20 The first release.


This package is provided “AS IS”. Licenser disclaims all warranties,
including but not limited to, all express or implied warranties of
merchant ability and fitness for a particular purpose. Everyone can use
the package for commerce or personal purposes free.

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