Panasonic MKN7531 + WTY5401W

Panasonic MKN7531 + WTY5401W

Panasonic MKN7531 + WTY5401W

I bought some new Japanese IoT devices of ECHONETLite, Panasonic MKN7531 + WTY5401W, last weekend. ECHONETLite is an open standard specification for IoT devices in Japan, it specifies more than 100 IoT devices such as crime prevention sensor, air conditioner and refrigerator.


The devices are new switch product series of Panasonic, ADVANCE series, which can be controlled from smart phone applications. I have installed the main controller unit into a distribution board in my home today.


The controller size is same as other HEMS controller of Panasonic, AiSEG MKN700, but the new controller uses other wireless band of 400MHz instead of 920MHz. According to the controller document, the switch device supports the following device object of ECHONETLite.

  • mono functional lighting class
    • Class group code : 0x02
    • Class code : 0x91
    • Instance code 0x01–0x7F (0x00: All-instance specification code)

I am developing the new applications and framework for ECHONETLite now. I would like to release it as open source software by the end of this month.