iPhone Applications

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ICalToDo iCalToDo iCalToDo is a standalone application to management your to do list locally. iCalToDo supports specification, then you can export your todo list into other ... 2011-06-08 - 15:41
IHomeBrowser iHomeNetBrowser iHomeNetBrowser find home network devices based on UPnP in your home network, then you can browse the presentation pages using Safari browser. The ... 2011-06-08 - 15:41
ILifeScale iLifeScale The iLifeScale application allows you to easily record your weight on a daily basis. The application exports the latest recorded weight data as a CSV file ... 2011-06-08 - 15:41
ILifeTrack iLifeTrack iLifeTrack is a sport type GPS application with data logger on your iPhone 3G or 3GS. It has an embedded HTTP server based on UPnP specification to export ... 2011-06-08 - 15:41
IMediaSuite iMediaSuite iMediaSuite is based on some UPnP/AV specifications to connect other UPnP/AV and DLNA devices for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. iMediaSuite is builded ... 2011-08-07 - 01:25
INetFrame iNetFrame iNetFrame is a digital photo frame application to play your personal photo images from Flickr and Picasa on the Internet, or UPnP/AV servers such as DLNA ... 2011-08-07 - 01:24
IRepoEditor iRepoEditor iRepoEditor is a documentation viewer and editor for repositories such as subversion and DropBox. Using the application, you can checkout any documentations ... 2012-03-07 - 16:27
IScholarReader iScholarReader iScholarReader is a specialized document viewer for research papers using Google Scholar. Using this application, you can search, bookmark and download ... 2011-06-08 - 15:41
IScholarReaderHD iScholarReaderHD iScholarReaderHD is a specialized document viewer for research papers using Google Scholar service for iPad. Using the application, you can search ... 2011-06-08 - 15:41
IShareReader iShareReader iShareReader is a simple document viewer for the shared files which are transferred from your computers using iTunes. Please check iPad: About File Sharing ... 2011-06-08 - 15:41
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