uMediaPlayer is based on some UPnP/AV specifications to connect other UPnP/AV and DLNA devices for Android Phones. Using the application, you can play contents on media servers of UPnP/AV and DLNA. This application is a sample application using cybergarage-upnp which is a open source framework for UPnP developers.


Player is based on UPnP/AV Media Player specifications, you can play contents on UPnP/AV or DLNA media servers. The player supports only the following file formats to play.

android_ims_player_01.png android_ims_player_02.png android_ims_player_03.png

Media Type File Format
Image JPEG, GIF and PNG
Movie H.263, H.264 AVC and MPEG-4 SP
Audio MP3, AAC and PCM