My name is Satoshi Konno. I live in Tokyo, Japan, and I’m a computer software engineer working at Yahoo Japan now.

I have been released many applications and open source frameworks of home networking, virtual reality and 3d graphics etc. Recently, I have interest in cloud computing and I would like to develop more exciting frameworks or applications into the world. 🙂

I have been loved programming from childhood. My first computer is Fujitsu Micro New 7, FM-New 7. FM-New7 is a 8bit computer which has two 6809 chip sets. Then I used some good Japanese original computers, NEC PC-9801, FM-TOWNS, Sharp X1, X68000 etc. I use MacOSX and IBM-PC compatible computers now, but it is too bad that there are not good Japanese original computers recently. 🙁

Cyber Garage,, is my personal domain in Japan, I maintain the domain servers with a 128K access line and a ISDN which has two 64K lines at my home from 1996. CyberKogaei,, was my old personal domain from 1994 to 2001, and the domain servers was run as a UUCP site.


Java3D Programming Contest (1998)

Java3D Programming Contest (1998) I applied an early time version of CyberToolbox for For Java to Java 3D programming contest in 1998 and I was awarded a first prize in…

IPv6 Appli Contest (2003)

IPv6 Appli Contest 2003 I applied some sample application of home networking based on mUPnP for Java to implementation entry of IPv6 Appli Contest 2003, and I was awarded an…

Exploratory IT Human Resources Project (2004)

Exploratory IT Human Resources Project (The MITOH Program) in 2004. I have developed CyberLinkForC with the support of IPA Exploratory IT Human Resources Project in Japan. In the project, I…



My Cars Mitsubishi DELICA D:5 Specifications Item Specification Manufacturer Mitsubishi Motors Model Delica D:5 2009 Chamonix 4WD Carrier Mitsubishi Heavy Duty Carrier Hitch Member* SUNTRES TUGMASTER Limited II Hitch Member…

Radio Control Cars

My Radio Control Cars Tamiya Mighty Frog (The FROG) Item Specification Maker Tamiya Product Mighty Frog Chassis Tamiya The Frog Type ESC Tamiya TEU-105 BK Servo Tamiya TSU-03 Receiver Tamiya…


My Bicycles Bianchi MEGA PRO-L Component Specification Frame Bianchi MEGA PRO-L Frame Color Santini Mercatone Uno Pantani Term replica Headset Campagnolo RECORD Shifters Campagnolo RECORD Carbon 9speed Rear Derailleur Campagnolo…

712 thoughts on “Welcome to CyberGarage!

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