My name is Satoshi Konno. I live in Tokyo, Japan, and I’m a computer software engineer working at Yahoo Japan now.

I have been released many applications and open source frameworks of home networking, virtual reality and 3d graphics etc. Recently, I have interest in cloud computing and I would like to develop more exciting frameworks or applications into the world. 🙂

I have been loved programming from childhood. My first computer is Fujitsu Micro New 7, FM-New 7. FM-New7 is a 8bit computer which has two 6809 chip sets. Then I used some good Japanese original computers, NEC PC-9801, FM-TOWNS, Sharp X1, X68000 etc. I use MacOSX and IBM-PC compatible computers now, but it is too bad that there are not good Japanese original computers recently. 🙁

Cyber Garage,, is my personal domain in Japan, I maintain the domain servers with a 128K access line and a ISDN which has two 64K lines at my home from 1996. CyberKogaei,, was my old personal domain from 1994 to 2001, and the domain servers was run as a UUCP site.


Java3D Programming Contest (1998)

Java3D Programming Contest (1998) I applied an early time version of CyberToolbox for For Java to Java 3D programming contest in 1998 and I was awarded a first prize in…

IPv6 Appli Contest (2003)

IPv6 Appli Contest 2003 I applied some sample application of home networking based on mUPnP for Java to implementation entry of IPv6 Appli Contest 2003, and I was awarded an…

Exploratory IT Human Resources Project (2004)

Exploratory IT Human Resources Project (The MITOH Program) in 2004. I have developed CyberLinkForC with the support of IPA Exploratory IT Human Resources Project in Japan. In the project, I…



Contents1 My Cars1.1 Mitsubishi DELICA D:51.1.1 Specifications1.1.2 Hitch Member Power Plate1.1.3 Hitch Carrier for Thule Lightboard 9761.1.4 Thule EuroClassic G6 LED 9291.1.5 MADLYS Bed Kit + Mitsubishi Luggage Rail Bar…

Radio Control Cars

Contents1 My Radio Control Cars1.1 Tamiya Mighty Frog (The FROG)1.2 Tamiya DT-03 – Neo Mighty Frog (Fighter Buggy)1.3 Tamiya TT-02 – GAZOO Racing TRD 861.4 Tamiya TT-02B – Neo Scorcher…


Contents1 My Bicycles1.1 Bianchi MEGA PRO-L1.2 Cannondale CAAD41.3 Panasonic FCT241.4 LOOK KG2311.5 Panasonic OCC431.6 Panasonic BE-ENCS0351.7 Panasonic B-LX26E My Bicycles Bianchi MEGA PRO-L Component Specification Frame Bianchi MEGA PRO-L Frame…

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