Hello! My name is Satoshi Konno, and I am one of the administrators of CyberGarage, based in Tokyo, Japan. I have a deep passion for technology development and open-source software. My career began in the pioneering days of Virtual Reality application and framework development. Currently, my main focus is on IoT and database application and framework development. Additionally, my computing journey started with Japanese 8-bit machines, and I aspire to revisit the retro-computer world whenever time permits.

CyberGarage (cybergarage.org) is my personal domain. I have been maintaining the domain servers with a 128K access line and an Japanese ISDN, which has two 64K lines, at my home since 1996. CyberKogaei, formerly known as cyber.koganei.tokyo.jp, was my previous personal domain from 1994 to 2001. The domain servers for CyberKogaei were operated as a UUCP site.

My development philosophy is founded on the belief that technology should enhance people's lives, making them better and easier. Through open-source software, we can share more powerful and flexible solutions, thereby fostering innovation. I am constantly eager to learn new technologies and apply them in practice, aiming to make continuous contributions to the community. For an overview of my published open-source frameworks and applications, please refer to the following links:

Awards and adoption history for these applications and OSS frameworks include the following notable achievements:

If you are interested in my work or projects, I encourage you to explore my website or GitHub profile. Should you have any questions or suggestions regarding technology development or open-source projects, please do not hesitate to reach out.