Internet of Things


go-net-upnp go-net-upnp is a new open source framework for Go and UPnP™ developers. UPnP™ is a standard protocol for IoT, the protocols consist of other standard protocols, such as GENA,…

Apache Felix

Apache Felix Apache Felix is an open source implementation of the OSGi Release 4 core framework specification. The UPnP base driver is based on CyberLinkForJava 🙂 Overview of the Base…

UPnP Remote UI

UPnP Remote UI I developed the protocol stack of UPnP Remote UI based on Intel’s XRT Protocol v2.2, but the project is stalled now because Intel Viiv was broken. In…

uEcho for C

uEcho for C is a portable and cross platform development framework for ECHONETLite developers. ECHONETLite is an open standard specification for IoT devices in Japan, it specifies more than 100…

mUPnP for C

mUPnP for C Overview mUPnP for C is a development package for UPnP™ developers. mUPnP controls these protocols automatically, and supports to create your devices and control points quickly. UPnP™…


Net::UPnP Overview Net::UPnP for Perl is a development package for UPnP™ developers. Net::UPnP controls these protocols automatically, and supports to create your devices and control points quickly. UPnP™ * architecture…

mUPnP for C++

mUPnP for C++ Overview mUPnP for C++ is a development package for UPnP™ developers. mUPnP controls these protocols automatically, and supports to create your devices and control points quickly. UPnP™…

mUPnP for ObjC

mUPnP for Objective-C Overview mUPnP for Objective-C is a development package for UPnP™ developers. mUPnP controls these protocols automatically, and supports to create your devices and control points quickly. This…


cybergarage-upnp Overview cybergarage-upnp is a UPnP™ development package for Java developers. cybergarage-upnp controls these protocols automatically, and supports to create your devices and control points quickly. UPnP™ * architecture is…

uEcho for Go

uEcho for Go is a portable and cross platform development framework for creating controller applications and devices of ECHONET Lite for Go developers. ECHONET is an open standard specification for…



English / Japanese What is Round ? Round is a new open source framework developed for distributed system developers and researchers to build distributed applications and frameworks more easily. The…

µHTTP for C++

µHTTP for C++ µHTTP for C++ is a developer framework for HTTP client and server applications. The framework was forked from mUPnP for C++ v1.7.2 except the !UPnP and SOAP…

µSQL for C++

µSQL for C++ Introduction What is µSQL ? µSQL is a SQL parser engine for C++ to develop SQL based applications easily, and it supports other SQL like domain specific…

uTorrent for C

uTorrent for C (Under Development) I was developing a library based on BitTorrent to study about the implementation of P2P networking before, but I stopped the development because I have…

uWidget for C

uWidget for C Applicast is Sony’s embedded widget engine for television, and all televisions of Sony supports the widget engine in Japan. The widget engine specification is public and based…

3D Graphics

CyberX3D for C++

CyberX3D for C++ CyberX3D for C++ is a development package for X3D/!VRML and Java programmers. Using the package, you can easily read and write the X3D/!VRML files, set and get…


cybergarage-x3d cybergarage-x3d is a development package for X3D/VRML and Java programmers. Using the package, you can easily read and write the X3D/!VRML files, set and get the scene graph information,…

CyberX3D for J2ME

CyberX3D for J2ME (Under Development) I was developing a 3D graphics engine for mobile phones to browse X3D contents directly using J2ME until 2001. The framework was a tiny version…

Virtual Reality

Polhemus for C++

Polhemus for C++ Introduction This package is a development library for C++ to use Polhemus Fastrak or Isotrak2 on IRIX and WIN32 platforms. Please chceck the download site on…

Polhemus for Java

Polhemus for Java Introduction This package is a development package for Java to use tracking devices of Polhemus and Intersense on Java platforms. Currently, the following devices are supported. Company…

BeeBox for Java

BeeBox for Java Introduction This package is a development package for Java to use BeeBox on Java platforms. Please chceck the download site on to get the package and…

Joystick for Java

Joystick for Java Introduction This package is a development package for Java to use joysticks avaiable for Windows 9x/NT platforms on Java platforms. Please chceck the download site on…

Magellan for Java

Magellan for Java Introduction This package is a development package for Java to use Logitech Magellan (Space Mouse) on Java platforms. Please chceck the download site on to get…

Wiimote for C++

Wiimote for C++ Wiimote for C++ is a developer library on WIN32 platforms. I would like to release the library for any platforms such as Linux and !MacOSX finally, but…

CyberGlove for C++

CyberGlove for C++ Introduction This package is a simple development library for C++ to use CyberGlove on IRIX and WIN32 platforms. . Please chceck the download site on to…



go-json-path go-json-path is a utility library to access JSON based configuration easily. Go language supports JSON format in the standard library. However, I feel that the standard library is not…

XPathQuery for ObjC

XPathQuery for ObjC Introduction XPathQuery4ObjC is a wrapper class for NSXMLParser to query XML documents such as Web API responses with XPath more easily. I know that some wrapper classes…

iCal for ObjC

iCal for ObjC Introduction iCal4ObjC is a Objective-C implementation of the iCalendar specification as defined in RFC2455 for iOS and MacOSX platforms such as iPhone and iPad. It supports to…

YAML for ObjC

YAML for ObjC Introduction YAML4ObjC is a wrapper class for LibYAML [1] to query YAML data more easily on iOS platforms, iPhone and iPad. I used LibYAML directly to read…

Subversion for ObjC

Subversion for ObjC Subversion for Objective-C is a wrapper package of Apache Subversion for MacOSX and iOS developers. The project is under developing, but I have already released some applications…

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