iMediaSuite iMediaSuite is based on some UPnP/AV specifications to connect other UPnP/AV and DLNA devices for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. iMediaSuite is builded as an universal application, so…


iHomeNetBrowser iHomeNetBrowser find home network devices based on UPnP in your home network, then you can browse the presentation pages using Safari browser. The application is iPhone version of uHomeBrowser…


iScholarReader iScholarReader is a specialized document viewer for research papers using Google Scholar. Using this application, you can search, bookmark and download the research papers on your iPhone. The application…


iScholarReaderHD iScholarReaderHD is a specialized document viewer for research papers using Google Scholar service for iPad. Using the application, you can search, bookmark and download the research papers on your…


iNetFrame iNetFrame is a digital photo frame application to play your personal photo images from Flickr and Picasa on the Internet, or UPnP/AV servers such as DLNA in your home…


iLifeTrack iLifeTrack is a sport type GPS application with data logger on your iPhone 3G or 3GS. It has an embedded HTTP server based on !UPnP specification to export the…


iLifeScale The iLifeScale application allows you to easily record your weight on a daily basis. The application exports the latest recorded weight data as a CSV file automatically, then you…


iRepoEditor iRepoEditor is a documentation viewer and editor for repositories such as subversion and DropBox. Using the application, you can checkout any documentations from the repository servers, check and edit…


iCalToDo iCalToDo is a standalone application to management your to-do list locally. iCalToDo supports iCalendar specification, then you can export your todo-list into other applications which supports the to-do list…



uHomeNetBrowser uHomeNetBrowser find networked home devices based on UPnP in your home network, then you can browse the presentation pages using Android standard browser. This application is a sample application…


uMediaPlayer uMediaPlayer is based on some UPnP/AV specifications to connect other UPnP/AV and DLNA devices for Android Phones. Using the application, you can play contents on media servers of UPnP/AV…


gScholarReader gScholarReader is a specialized document viewer for research papers using [ Google Scholar]( Google Scholar) for Android OS. Using this application, you can search and view the research papers…

Android Developer Challenge 1 in 2008

Android Developer Challenge 1 in 2008 I applied the following application based on CyberLinkForJava Android Developer Challenge 1 in 2008, Android SDK M3 and M5 had some bugs and had…

Home Network


MythTV MythTV is a GPL open source application for Linux designed to allow any computer (that meets the specified minimum requirements) to function as a personal video recorder. I sent…

MediaGate for C++

MediaGate for C++ MediaGate is a reference implementation of UPnP™ * AV Media Server. It is builded using CyberLinkForCC that is a development package for UPnP ™applications, and distributed a…

MediaGate for Java

MediaGate for Java MediaGate is a reference implementation of UPnP™ * AV Media Server. It can supports local file system and some PVR projects such as MythTV to distribute as…

MediaGate for Windows Mobile

MediaGate for Windows Mobile I have released the UPnP/AV media server as a sample application of mUPnP for C. The media server is builded as an application of Windows Mobile…

MediaGate for Youtube

MediaGate for Youtube I have released a new UPnP/AV media server based on mUPnP for C in 2007. The media server is builded as a WIN32 application. You can get…

Vodcasting for Cocoon

Vodcasting for Cocoon I have released the latest version, v1.1.3. I have released a sample script for DLNA and Vodcast,, with Net::UPnP v1.1.3. It can convert from MPEG2 movies…

VLC media player

VLC media player VLC media player is an open source, free software media player and multimedia framework written by the VideoLAN project. I have released the GTK patch and wxWidget…

Nokia 770

Nokia 770 Internet Tablet Nokia released the UPnP/AV Control point, Media Streamer, for Nokia 770. The control point is created based on mUPnP for C with their patches. I installed…

3D Graphics

CyberToolbox for Java

CyberToolbox for Java Overview CyberToolbox for Java is a VRML2.0/97 authoring tool for Java platforms. VRML is the most standard 3D file format on the World Wide Web now. However,…

CyberToolbox for WIN32

CyberToolbox for WIN32 Overview CyberToolbox for WIN32 is a VRML2.0/97 authoring tool. VRML is the most standard 3D file format on Web. However, It is difficult to create good interactive…

CyberToolbox For Java3D

CyberToolbox For Java3D Overview CyberToolbox for Java3D is an authoring tool of Virtual Reality on Java2 and Java3D platforms. The CyberToolbox is based on a scene graph of VRML97, however…

CyberForm for Java3D

CyberForm for Java3D Overview CyberForm for Java3D is a source code generator for Java3D programmers. CyberForm generates a compressed binary file that has a specified geometry information with the source…

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