MythTV is a GPL open source application for Linux designed to allow any computer (that meets the specified minimum
requirements) to function as a personal video recorder. I sent some patches about UPnP extentions to the project term based on MediaGateForCC from 2004.


Release 0.20

MythTV supported UPnP/AV media server based on MediaGateForCC from the release.

Release Notes - 0.20
Added MythArchive plugin for archiving recorded shows
Menus are now drawn by MythUI using OpenGL. This option can be enabled/disabled in the Appearance settings.
Improved internal DVD player - now supporting menus and other missing features
Added MHEG content implementation (Interactive TV in UK)
Added Hotplug support for removable media in Media Monitor and MythGallery
Added support for the HDHomeRun encoding device
Added support for basic FreeBox recorders
Added support for H.264 (aka MPEG-4 AVC) TS decoding
Added an MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4-AVC IP network recorder
Added internal UPnP server support for TV and Music
Added experimental second commercial detector
New socket class for backend communications
OSD image cache which improves channel changing speed
Fixed program transition while Watching LiveTV
Added beginnings of firewire capture support for MacOS
Support for DVB radio channels and guide data collected via EIT for them
Added mouse support in menus, including gestures

According to the release note, their term want to rewrite the media server codes based on other GPL licenced because their licence is GPL v2. However, I have no plan to release the source codes as GPL licence now 🙁